Thursday, May 12, 2011

Google TV at I/O 2011

For the past two days we’ve been demoing Google TV apps in the I/O sandbox and sharing how developers can create new engaging television experiences. Developers are already dreaming up big ideas for the big screen. With Google TV being upgraded to Android 3.1 and with the Android Market opening on Google TV later this summer, we hope to see more of these ideas come to the large screen in the living room.

To help developers get started, we hosted two educational sessions where we explained how to build Android and web applications for large screen viewing. Video recordings of both sessions will be available on the YouTube Developer Channel.

In "Building Web Apps for Google TV", we explored some of the opportunities offered by the TV space, and dove into the technical and practical factors of designing web apps for television. In the "Building Android Apps for Google TV" session, we explained how to optimize Android applications to run on Google TV. We provided an overview of the platform, and illustrated how Android developers can make sure their apps look and perform optimally on the big screen. You can view the detailed guidelines here.

We also previewed our Anymote protocol, which enables developers to create multi-screen experiences across phone, tablet, and television. We’ve published the Anymote documentation and remote app source code, so you can start creating your own remote experiences for Google TV.

Thank you to all the developers who attended our living room sandbox, sessions, and office hours at Google I/O. To learn more about developing for Google TV, visit our code site.

Ambarish (AK) Kenghe, Google TV Product Manager