Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Redux for Google TV - Discover socially curated and leanback TV

Guest post by Redux

When our Google TV arrived, we were giddy - the living room TV is one of the last digital screens in our lives to be connected to the Internet, and it’s the screen where we watch the most video. There are many great video repositories we use to watch video on Google TV such as YouTube, Vimeo and Netflix, but with millions of incredible videos available we didn’t know where to start. We liked that our cable provider programmed live TV into a manageable number of channels, and we envisioned a curated web video experience for the living room.
Redux for Google TV leverages the talents of your friends, interesting curators, and influencers to help you discover videos you’ll love. Redux feels like the traditional veg-out TV we’ve all come to love - videos play continuously, and you can flip between channels using the up/down arrow

As you discover channels or curators you like, add them and they’ll appear on your homepage for easy access. Once you start using Redux your homepage will quickly fill with your favorite channels and curators.

Looking for something new? Browse a guide of channels curated by passionate influencers and tastemakers:

We’ll continue to introduce brand new curated channels on a weekly basis and we’re excited to have Thrillist and GreeneStreet Films as launch partners. Both are incredible content creators as well as curators, and will help us realize our vision of using social curation to drive an incredible video discovery experience you can now enjoy from the convenience of your couch on Google TV in the Google TV Spotlight gallery.

We’re just getting started. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

David McIntosh, Redux founder and CEO