Thursday, March 17, 2011

Google TV Remote for iPhone

A very popular feature of Google TV to use your phone as a remote control. We released the Android version of the Google TV Remote app in December and I am happy to say that the app is now available for iPhones, iPads, and iPods running iOS 3 or higher.

Why would you want to use your phone as a remote control? We made this quick video tutorial1 when we released the app for Android, but the summary is:
  • Your phone improves standard TV remote activities like changing channels or accessing your DVR. I love using it at night, because the back light means I can see all the buttons in the dark and the buttons are easy to find. Watch
  • You can also interact with your TV in ways you never have before. For instance, try using the voice search to find your favorite shows and movies just by speaking into your phone. There should be less fighting over the remote, too, since multiple phones can work as remotes at the same time—you just need to agree on what to watch!
Download and try Google Search app today; it’s available free from the iTunes App Store. You can also scan the QR code below.

Ambarish Kenghe (AK), Google TV Product Manager

1Please note that the iOS remote does not currently support the sharing of web pages from phone to TV screen. Sorry.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baseline to baseline, we’ve got the basketball games covered

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Do you hear the dribble on the court and the chanting of the fans? Following an action-packed week of buzzer beaters, the 2011 NCAA® Championship here in the U.S. promises to be as exciting as ever.

As a college hoops fan, I often wish I could experience the games sitting in the arenas—and I’m sure I’m not alone. This year, our college basketball tournament map lets you get as close as you can to the games without leaving your desk thanks to 3D models of the tournament’s 14 arenas. Take a virtual tour of the venues by watching the video below.

Plus, we’ve created a special page for you to keep track of all the excitement during the next few weeks. You can see an up-to-date tournament schedule, explore the college campuses in Street View and click through to watch the actual games on NCAA® March Madness on Demand®.

And since there’s been a long-running debate over whether teams playing closer to their home court have an advantage, we added a “Distance Tool” on the map to make it easier to measure how far schools have to travel from game to game. We’ll see how things play out, but the defending champion Duke Blue Devils may have to travel more than 2,000 miles to Anaheim if they win their first two games.

As my friends always say when we can’t wait for the tournament to begin, “Send it in, Jerome!” May your favorite school reach the finals and we hope you enjoy all the basketball fun at

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Updates to Google TV

One of the great things about Google TV is that we’re constantly making improvements to the platform. These updates arrive over-the-air, so your current system evolves and gets even better over time. Over the weekend v1.3 went live with some system improvements, as well as the following:
  • The media player now supports more WMA audio files
  • Netflix and CNBC Real Time are better integrated into Google TV
  • Improved transition between songs in Pandora
  • Support for Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity on Sony devices
  • Support for a broader range of Blu-ray discs on Sony devices

Larry Yang, Google TV Product Manager

Monday, March 14, 2011

Cricket World Cup

Best of Google TV

As an English guy living in California, I have a lot to be thankful for—the weather, the food, the national parks—but one thing I really miss is watching my kind of sports like soccer, rugby, and cricket (not croquet, which a lot of my friends think I’m talking about).

Google TV is helping me get over that one last burden. Some matches are on TV, but used to be difficult to find: you had to scroll through the channels to look for your league, then scroll through all the games to see if your team was being broadcast; now I do a quick Google search for “Tottenham” (my favorite team) and find that the game immediately.

Photo by: Ryan Marshman

For the whole of March I will be in heaven, because the ICC Cricket World Cup is airing on As a DISH Network subscriber, I can also watch the games in full HD at their regular time, which I wasn’t expecting to be able to do in the US. Unfortunately, sometimes the games are in the middle of the night, but also hosts every game (in full and in highlight form), so I can watch them whenever is convenient. They are even working to optimize the site for the 10-foot viewing experience.

When I get home tonight, I can use Google TV to watch the highlights from all today’s games on the best screen in the house. I can even use Dual View to read the analysis by my old friend Andrew Miller while I watch the game.

Posted by Peter Sherman, Google TV Marketing, Recently Watched "Salman Khan: Let's use video to reinvent education"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Kevin Bacon film is on YouTube!

Hey everyone, this is Ivan Cobenk – #1 Kevin Bacon fan in the world, and founder and solo member of The Other Bacon Brothers, Akron’s leading Bacon Brothers cover band. Just wanted to let you know there’s a new short film on YouTube now and it’s all about how much I love Kevin Bacon – the best actor in the universe. It’s not technically starring Kevin Bacon (I tried but he never answered my Facebook posts) but I’m in it and I know a lot about Kev. And by a lot, I mean everything.

When you watch it, if you’re really clever, you might be able to figure out how you can buy some of the items from my personal collection of Kevin Bacon memorabilia as seen in the film. You may even recognize the film because those guys at Logitech used an edited version of it to advertise their Revue gizmo with Google TV. For your own Kevin Bacon collection. I’m donating all the proceeds to Kev’s charity, and (fingers crossed!) hoping Kevin will actually get in touch with me if I donate enough.


Ivan Cobenk, editor in chief Bacon Quarterly.

Friday, March 4, 2011

C-SPAN video library in spotlight

Best of Google TV Series

What did Fed Chairman Bernanke say about monetary policy to the congress on Capitol Hill? What did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton say about US Foreign Policy priorities? Using Google TV, you get to watch them up close and personal in C-SPAN Video Library featured on Google TV Spotlight.

If you are a history buff, American History TV channel intrigues you with videos of Historians Perspective of President Kennedy, Presidential Descendants, or 20th Anniversary of Persian Gulf War.

If you are a bookworm, you may want to dive into Book TV and watch authors Jessica Hughes to talk about her book Revolt, Brigitte Gabriel to talk about her book They Must Be Stopped: Why We Must Defeat Radical Islam and How We Can Do It, or Stephanie Coontz to talk about her book A Strange Stirring.

If you are a political junkie, you may want to jump straight into Washington Politics, start your morning with Morning Hour, move onto House Session and Senate Session, track White House daily briefing, and watch all-you-can-eat pundits.

There is more. In fact thanks to C-SPAN Video Library, there are over 160,000 hours of digital archives for your viewing pleasure, all available in Spotlight on the grand stage of Google TV.

Shawn Shen, Developer Relations, Google TV