Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sit Back, Relax And Let Plex For Google TV Work For You

Guest to the Google TV Blog Darrin Edelman discusses the benefits of using the Plex app to watch all your content on your Google TV.

If you want to display all of your favorite local and online media (video, music, and photos) seamlessly on your big screen TV, check out Plex for Google TV. Imagine being able to watch your movie collection, listen to your extensive music library or flip through your family photos without having to convert or move files to get them to play on your Google TV. Plex streams your music, photos and videos in real time.

Plex also supports a growing number of channels from many of your favorite online providers, giving you an easy and consistent way to consume your favorite online content. For example, you can peruse CNN for the latest news, or CNET for timely technology updates. With access to more than 200 channels there is a ton of great content, including Vimeo, Revision3, Live Music Archive, and NPR.

Plex offers an online service called myPlex with some really cool features. First of all, myPlex makes it incredibly easy to access your media while on the road from your mobile device. Simply sign the media server and the mobile app into myPlex and you’ll have instant access to all your home media. Also with myPlex, you can queue up interesting videos as you come across them, as well as easily share your personal content with friends and family.

The new release
The upcoming release of Plex for Google TV (available shortly) has a brand new home screen, designed specifically to make browsing your media on a big screen much more enjoyable. You can quickly access recently added media, the next episode in a TV show you're watching (the On Deck feature), and much more. Here what it looks like!

Getting started
If you’ve never used Plex before, and you want to connect to your local content, you’ll need to install the Plex Media Server on a PC, Mac or Linux to get started. During installation, you tell the Plex Media Server where to find your media, and it will organize it, pulling down cover art, ratings and other goodies to enhance your media browsing experience. Here are detailed instructions on getting started with the Plex Media Server.

From there, it’s easy – download Plex for Google TV from Android Market. Upon startup, Plex for Google TV will scan your network and automatically connect to the Plex Media Server you just set up. 

For the Plex Media Server and desktop versions, visit

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Posted by Darrin Edelman, Head of Development for Plex for Google TV and Plex for Android