Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Making Google TV more personal with TV & Movies

With hundreds of channels available from your cable or satellite provider, along with great Internet-based content providers like Netflix, Amazon, HBO GO and more, your TV choices can sometimes feel overwhelming. Google TV's refreshed TV & Movies app makes this feeling history. With TV & Movies you get personalized choices across all of your content options in a layout that’s easy to use, as well as features that keep you in the loop of what's on your favorite channels and remind you about stuff you've been meaning to watch.

More info makes it easier to decide
Wonder if that’s the latest episode of Attack of the Show? Wonder no longer. We’ve expanded the info below every TV show, movie, sports game, and any other program so you can more easily decide what to watch. We’ve also added a handy menu for those of you that want to dive deep into the details, rate a title 1-5 stars, tell us you’re not interested or add it to your favorites.

Find your favorites faster
Speaking of favorites... do you love all things AMC? Can’t get enough of ESPN? When you add them to Favorite Channels you’ll instantly see what show is currently playing on each. Add all your favorite channels and you’ll have a one-stop personalized guide of just the channels you care about. You can also add favorite TV shows and movies to your queue so you can come back later and watch them on Netflix, Amazon, HBO GO and more.

Tuned to your taste
When you open the new version of TV & Movies for the first time, you’ll be asked to login and rate a series of movies and TV shows. We use feedback like your ratings so you get recommendations that are made just for you.

If you’re in the mood for a great new show to watch, check out the new Trending This Week shelf in Shows. These shows are trending on the web based on what we’re seeing in Google Search, and it’s updated every day so you never miss out.

As Google TV keeps bringing more entertainment into your living room, the new TV & Movies app makes it easier to find the shows and movies you love and discover great new ones to watch.  It’s like making your TV work for you, which we think is pretty smart.

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Posted by Greg Funk, Google TV Product Manager