Thursday, May 24, 2012

iHeartRadio: Make music visual with your Google TV

Guests to the Google TV blog, Ken Colton, Web Developer and Harper Lieblich, Interaction Designer at iHeartRadio, share their insights on the launch of iHeartRadio with Google TV.

Now you can bring radio to life on your big screen.  The newly released iHeartRadio app for Google TV lets you enjoy finding great music, tying the experience of music to album art and station branding. The result is a deeper emotional connection to the product and to the music itself.  Tap into more than 800 Live Stations or create your own Custom Stations based on a particular artist or track.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Music has never been so fun to look at.  With the larger screen format uniquely available on the TV, you now have a unique visual experience using our artist photography to its fullest potential. High resolution artist imagery is front and center with access to your favorite stations easily accessible.

Find All Your Favorite Music
As you explore iHeartRadio, quickly jump to your favorite iHeartRadio Originals like Coffee Shop Rock and Road Trip!  Find live broadcast stations near you, by genre, or location. Search for an artist or song, and iHeartRadio will create a custom station that plays that artist and similar music.

Set the Mood with Mood Lighting
As soon as you select a station to listen to, we dim the lights so you can enjoy it without illuminating the room.  That’s music that knows how to create the right atmosphere.

Over the last several months, we've put a lot of work into bringing you the best iHeartRadio experience, and along the way we've made audio more visual. We're super excited about how iHeartRadio has come to life on Google TV and we think you will be as well!

Find iHeartRadio in the Spotlight app of Google TV.  Visit Google+ for more of the latest news, tips and tricks for Google TV.

Posted by Ken Colton, Web Developer, and Harper Lieblich, Interaction Designer, iHeartRadio