Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OnLive: console-class gaming on Google TV without the console

Guest to the Google TV blog, Steve Perlman, Founder & CEO, OnLive talks about console-class cloud gaming on Google TV devices.

With Google TV, a vast world of entertainment is always at your fingertips. Movies, TV shows, YouTube channels, music, apps—through live TV or streamed to your living room. OnLive is proud to bring yet another popular form of entertainment from the Internet to you: console-class gaming.

From family-friendly titles like MLB 2K12 to favorites such as Batman: Arkham City, Darksiders II and more, OnLive delivers hundreds of top-tier video games from more than 80 of the world’s best publishers directly to select Google TV devices, with more devices on the way.

Grab your remote, a Google TV-compatible controller or, better yet, the Universal OnLive Wireless Controller and in just a few taps, you’re gaming. Play the first 30 minutes of nearly any game free. Subscribe to the OnLive PlayPack for unlimited access to 200+ select titles, or purchase the latest hit games a la carte for play on your TV and all your favorite displays. (With OnLive, you can start a game on your TV and continue playing it anywhere, on nearly any PC or Mac, Android tablet or phone.)

You can also take advantage of free cloud-based social features, such as watching other gamers play live in OnLive’s massive worldwide spectating Arena, voice chatting with friends and spectators, or combining everything in the forthcoming OnLive MultiView, which lets you watch and chat with three friends or teammates as you play.

OnLive is integrated into the VIZIO Co-Star and will also be pre-installed on the LG Smart TV with Google TV (G2 Series) via a future software update. For other Google TV devices, an OnLive app is on its way to Google Play, making console-quality top-tier gaming a standard capability for any Google TV device.

Just as Google TV has reimagined how people watch television, OnLive has reimagined the way people game—making playing the latest top-tier titles as simple and as instantaneous as streaming a movie. Welcome to the future of video games.

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Guest post created by Steve Perlman, Founder & CEO, OnLive