Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Washington Post is reinventing the nightly newscast one broadcast at a time, with PostTV for Google TV

Guest to the Google TV blog, Andrew Pergam, Director of Video at The Washington Post shares how you can get straight to the top stories faster with PostTV for Google TV.

If you're looking for insight from The Washington Post’s experts from DC and around the globe, check out the new PostTV app for Google TV. It features smart, sophisticated, segmented and shareable journalism about the stories and people shaping your world.

Get access to the latest news with The Fold
Get straight to the top stories and headlines going on around the world on The Fold, The Washington Post’s own nightly newscast available on PostTV. The Fold breaks down complex issues and delivers original journalism the way only The Washington Post can.

In addition to The Fold, PostTV also brings you:
  • News in 59 Seconds, a mid-morning primer on what’s happening in Washington, the Nation and the World—all with a Washington bend
  • Trail Mix, an on-going political series featuring analysis from top reporters out on the Campaign 2012 trail
With the PostTV app, The Washington Post newsroom is bringing its trusted editorial voice right ot your Google TV. You can also watch The Fold from Chrome by visiting the   

To find out the latest info about Google TV, visit the Google TV Google+ Page, our website and subscribe to our newsletter.

Posted by Andrew Pergam, Director of Video at The Washington Post