Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bring Motor Trend Need For Speed To Your Google TV

Guest to the Google TV blog, Michael Floyd, Digital Director of the Motor Trend Automotive Group, shares the latest features of Motor Trend on Google TV.

A Corvette ZR1 screaming down the German autobahn at 200 mph. Suzuki's GSX-R1000 superbike hot lapping at Homestead. The mighty Nissan GT-R doing battle with the stunningly fast Porsche 911 Turbo S. An in-depth test of the all-new BMW 3 Series. Cheap trucks duking it out in a hilarious cash-strapped quest for off-road glory.

Got your attention yet? If I have, then you need to download our new and improved Motor Trend app for Google TV. From cars to trucks to motorcycles, if it has wheels, we drive it, ride it, and live it -- and we bring it all to you in stunning HD quality with production values that are second to none in the automotive entertainment space.

The Motor Trend app makes it seamless to watch and move between eight separate shows, each with its own distinct personality. Tune into Ignition for drives and tests of the newest and hottest cars. On Epic Drives, we take you along on expansive journeys shot across the globe in stunning locales. We cover the latest news from around the auto industry on Wide Open Throttle, and on Head 2 Head, rival cars are tested and compared to find which is best.

It’s not just about new cars on the Motor Trend channel. On Hot Rod Unlimited, the editors of Hot Rod, Car Craft and others wrench on, race, and cruise in the biggest and baddest American muscle cars. Roadkill features the wacky automotive misadventures of Hot Rod’s David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan, and on The Downshift, you’ll find everything from a trip to the Bonneville Salt Flats to a look at the low rider culture.

If two-wheeled fun is what you’re after, then click over to On Two Wheels, where the editors of Motorcyclist and Dirt Rider gun the throttle on the tarmac and in the dirt, riding the best bikes the world has to offer.

As for the app itself, you can quickly and easily toggle between shows. Each episode contains a detailed description and links to other content, and you can tag your favorite shows to watch later.

Bottom line, if you have a pulse and you’re into cars at all (and maybe even if you aren’t), you’re going to find something compelling to watch on the Motor Trend Google TV app.

Did I mention it’s all in HD and produced by arguably the best staff in the business?

We drive it. We ride it. We live it. Come live it with us through the Motor Trend app. Keep watching this space for behind-the-scenes show details and to stay in-the-know about what’s happening behind the wheel. And be sure to tell us your favorite episodes!

Download Motor Trend in the Google Play Store on your Google TV. Visit Google+ for more of the latest news, tips and tricks for Google TV.

Posted by Michael Floyd, Digital Director of the Motor Trend Automotive Group

Thursday, May 24, 2012

iHeartRadio: Make music visual with your Google TV

Guests to the Google TV blog, Ken Colton, Web Developer and Harper Lieblich, Interaction Designer at iHeartRadio, share their insights on the launch of iHeartRadio with Google TV.

Now you can bring radio to life on your big screen.  The newly released iHeartRadio app for Google TV lets you enjoy finding great music, tying the experience of music to album art and station branding. The result is a deeper emotional connection to the product and to the music itself.  Tap into more than 800 Live Stations or create your own Custom Stations based on a particular artist or track.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Music has never been so fun to look at.  With the larger screen format uniquely available on the TV, you now have a unique visual experience using our artist photography to its fullest potential. High resolution artist imagery is front and center with access to your favorite stations easily accessible.

Find All Your Favorite Music
As you explore iHeartRadio, quickly jump to your favorite iHeartRadio Originals like Coffee Shop Rock and Road Trip!  Find live broadcast stations near you, by genre, or location. Search for an artist or song, and iHeartRadio will create a custom station that plays that artist and similar music.

Set the Mood with Mood Lighting
As soon as you select a station to listen to, we dim the lights so you can enjoy it without illuminating the room.  That’s music that knows how to create the right atmosphere.

Over the last several months, we've put a lot of work into bringing you the best iHeartRadio experience, and along the way we've made audio more visual. We're super excited about how iHeartRadio has come to life on Google TV and we think you will be as well!

Find iHeartRadio in the Spotlight app of Google TV.  Visit Google+ for more of the latest news, tips and tricks for Google TV.

Posted by Ken Colton, Web Developer, and Harper Lieblich, Interaction Designer, iHeartRadio

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Google TV & Sony Meetup: A Night of Fun, Excitement, And Hangouts On Air

On a beautiful warm evening in Palo Alto, California, the Google TV team hosted their first ever meetup and Hangout On Air at the Sony Store in the Stanford Shopping Center. Nearly 200 of you came out to join us and geeked out on new and upcoming products.  It was a night of great conversation, food named after Android platforms (Ice Cream Sandwiches & Gingerbread cookies), schwag giveaways, and some awesome prizes.

Our Hangout On Air panel consisted of folks from Google TV, Sony, and Revision3:

  • Rob DeMillo, Revision3 CTO
  • Brian Brushwood, host of Scam School
  • Ron Richards, our moderator for the evening and host of App Judgment
  • Eric Liu, Google TV product manager
  • Shawn Shen, Google TV developer relations advocate
  • Rex Brown Jr., Google TV product specialist
  • Kevin Lau, Google TV community manager
  • Jason Clement Sony Director, Home Division Engineering Team
One of the best parts of the night was having a mixture of audience participation both in person at the store and virtually through Google+. We had a chance to address questions ranging from product ideas, developer news, and more.

It was a great event filled with excited and eager fans looking forward to the Google TV & Sony products coming out in 2012.

To watch the full replay of Tuesday evening’s meetup, visit our YouTube page here, and for all the latest info on Google TV, please visit our Google+ page.

Post created by Peter Sherman, Google TV Product Marketing Manager

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Google TV Apps Mom Will Love

If you’re cooking a special meal for the family, heading out for a picnic in the park, or staying in for a day of entertainment this Mother’s Day, check out these apps that look great on Google TV that can make her day even better.

A Special Meal for Mom
Kraft Foods Cooking School will give you just what you need to spice up your Mother’s Day meal. Browse recipes and watch cooking videos on your big screen to get some inspiration for your dish. Whether you're cooking up a big brunch for the whole family or baking a tasty treat, you’ll find a variety of creative dishes with Kraft. 

Check out Chow TV on your Google TV for cooking tips and how-to’s. Watch Cooking with Grandma and learn how to make Italian gnocchi with Grandma Paola, or put your baking hat on and learn how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie. If cooking isn’t your thing, you may like “The Easiest Way” for recipes that just about anyone can pull off.

A Picnic in the Park
If you're planning a picnic, don’t let the weather interfere with your outing. Take a peek at the forecast on your Google TV with the Accuweather app. You can find the current and extended forecasts for any of your usual spots or favorite locales, as colorful weather images pop on your big screen. With the side bar menu you can quickly jump to weather maps, lifestyle content, videos, and weather news.
A Movie Day
If you want to stay in this Mother’s Day, use Plex to bring Mom all of the entertainment she could ask for. Browse through your personal media collection on the sleek Plex home screen on your Google TV and choose one of Mom’s favorite movies. Put on “The Incredibles” for a movie the whole family can enjoy, or if British drama strikes her fancy, check out “The King’s Speech.”  With Plex, you can also stream content from a variety of online sources. 

A Trip Down Memory Lane
Create a Pandora playlist based on mom’s favorite artist and then use the Photos for Google TV app to reminisce with Mom by watching a slideshow of all your favorite memories.  You can upload your favorite family photos to Picasa and then view them on your Google TV. Google+ Instant Upload lets you take photos with your mobile while you’re on the go and check them out on your TV when you get home. Snap a few pics during your picnic in the park and they’ll be waiting for you on your Google TV when you get back home ready to share with your family on your big screen.

How will you pamper Mom this weekend? Tell us on our Google+ Page. And if you found this post helpful, please share it with your friends.

To download Kraft, Accuweather, Plex, Pandora, Photos, visit the Google Play Store. Find Chow TV in the Spotlight app on Google TV.

Posted by Catherine Liang, Google TV Product Marketing Manager

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Revision3 Internet Television...Now On Your Google TV

Guest to the Google TV blog, Rob DeMillo, CTO of Revision3, shares his insights on Revision3 content for Google TV.

Remember those funny jokes your friends used to tell in college? You know, the ones that tend to have references to Star Craft or Magic The Gathering? Well, if you’re a fan of that kind of humor, then check out Revision3 on your Google TV. 

Revision3 has a wide selection of great shows to choose from. Watch reviews on the latest apps, games, and movies, or enjoy hilarious interviews and talk shows with some pretty awesome personalities. If you’re not sure what to watch, check out Best of Revision3 for a collection of all the best clips in one place. Watch Revision3 in your living room with your Google TV, or if you’re on the go, you can watch from your mobile phone or tablet.

Stay Up To Date On All The Latest Technology
If you’re in the market for a new phone or looking for cool games and apps, check out Revision3 shows like Geek Beat.TV, App Judgment, or Tekzilla. They’ll keep you entertained for hours with their subtle mixtures of humor and gadget talk. Find out the latest tips like how to become a human meme with Memefier and identify your most popular tweets with twtrland

What’s Hot And Trending
If you want to be aware of all the social happenings in the world including movies and reviews, then check out Revision3 shows like The Totally Rad Show or Breakin’ It Down. In The Totally Rad Show, learn factoids like how there’s an alien in every episode of South Park, where Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg, and Jeff Cannata give it to you straight with a dose of sarcasm and foolish humor. In Breakin’ It Down, Catherine Reitman brings you move reviews with a bite. Find out what she really thinks of Peeta’s casting in The Hunger Games or if the action scenes lived up to their previews in Wrath of the Titans.

Sit back, grab a cold soda, and enjoy Revision3, available in the Google Play Store.

Blog post by Rob DeMillo, CTO of Revision3